Are Payout Percentages at CA Online Casinos Comparable to Brick and Mortar Casino Payouts?

When you're playing at an online casino accepting California players, it's important to be able to understand payout percentages, as well as the difference between the percentages at online casinos in comparison to the ones at brick and mortar casinos. This knowledge will help you in determining the most advantageous environment in which to enjoy casino gambling, and whether or not playing online puts you at any kind of disadvantage. A firm understanding of this concept will also assist you in selecting the California online casino games with the most favorable odds.

What are Payout Percentages?

Though payout percentages might seem as though they would be quite difficult to understand, it is actually a relatively simple term that can prove quite useful in the future once you know exactly what it means. In essence, a payout percentage in any casino, both online and land based, refers to the overall percentage of winnings that result from the original bet that was placed. Lets say that a casino has a guaranteed payout percentage of 97 percent, which is around the norm for online casinos.

This means that for every $100 that is wagered on games within the casino, the casino pays $97 back to the players on average, while they retain $3. The main thing that you need to be aware of when looking at certain casinos is that the higher the advertised payout percentage, the better it is for you, as you don't have to take on as much risk with a high payout percentage. You will be able to check the average payout percentages at California online casinos, including those that apply to California online slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, baccarat and other games as well. If they are not posted clearly in the site's information, you can always ask their support team via live chat or email.

Comparison Between Payout Percentages For Online Casinos vs Brick and Mortar Casinos

While you might not think so, the payout percentages in online and brick and mortar casinos can differ somewhat, depending on the casino. Most California online casinos within our guide boast payout percentages of between 94 and 98 percent, sometimes as high as around 98.7 percent. As you can imagine, this range of payout percentages is exceedingly high and benefits the player greatly. This is driven largely by competition among casino brands.

While there are a couple of land based casinos in California that do have relatively comparable payout percentages of around 90 to 94 percent, most brick and mortar casinos simply include percentages between 80 to 95 percent at the highest. While this might not seem like such a huge difference, it can start to build up once you play at one casino for a lengthy period of time. As such, you want the casino that can provide the best payout percentage to ensure that you aren't wasting your money and have a good chance of actually breaking even, or possibly getting ahead and winning some.

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