Gambling With Venmo At California Online Casinos

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One of the drawbacks of playing with a legit online California casino based internationally is that you can’t make direct Venmo P2P deposits or claim direct Venmo P2P payouts. Venmo is US-only, so both senders and recipients must be inside the USA. But you can still gamble with Venmo at CA online casinos if the casinos in question support gambling vouchers or the third-party MatchPay service among their casino banking options.

Luckily, several of the best gambling sites do just that. Our short guide to legal Venmo gambling in Calif. explains the processes involved in using this popular P2P app to move money into and out of your betting account. And while there are a few hoops to jump through, it’s not like they’re on fire or anything. That’s for California forests, not California online casinos.

Best Online Casinos In California Accepting Venmo in 2024

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How To Use Venmo At California Online Casinos

As of 2024, there are only two ways to legally bet with Venmo online at offshore California casino sites: by using gambling vouchers and the MatchPay service. Only a handful of legit online casinos support these options, and they both work similarly to one another.

Below, we outline how to use each both options, so you’ll be able to understand their differences and comparative strengths and weaknesses more clearly. (In short, MatchPay is effectively a faster, more automated voucher deposit/withdrawal method.)

Remember, both of these methods are based on member demand at your Calif. online casino. Voucher deposits and withdrawals can sometimes take 24-48 hours and are good for same-day payouts about 30-40% of the time. MatchPay accelerates this timeline considerably, with same-day payouts being available roughly 70-75% of the time.

Pro-Tip: If same-day payouts are absolutely critical, we recommend CA Bitcoin gambling, CA Ethereum gambling, or betting with another supported crypto casino option.  

California venmo gambling

Venmo Gambling Voucher Deposits

  1. Follow any link here to sign up with a legit online California casino that supports Venmo via online casino vouchers.
  2. Click/tap the “Join” button and create your account. Note: Please use only your true, verifiable personal information. This data is secured by best-in-class SSL/TLS encryption.
  3. Choose the “Voucher” option from your site’s deposit menu.
  4. Head over to your site’s community page/member forum and search for a voucher code for sale. Be sure that the voucher ad mentions support for Venmo P2P payments.
  5. Contact the voucher seller and arrange your payment for their voucher code.
  6. Send your payment using Venmo. Upon receipt, your seller will release their voucher code to you.
  7. Back at your site, paste this voucher code into the relevant field and submit your deposit. Voucher deposits process instantly and come with no added fees.

Venmo Gambling Voucher Withdrawals

  1. Head over to your site’s Cashier page and choose the “Voucher” option from the withdrawal menu.
  2. Enter in the amount of money you’d like to convert to the voucher code and submit the request.
  3. Your voucher code will arrive to your site-linked email in the amount requested.
  4. With your voucher code in hand, post an ad for it at your site’s community page/member forum. Indicate the amount of the voucher code and that you accept Venmo transfers.
  5. Once a buyer contacts you, arrange the terms of the sale and await payment.
  6. Upon receipt of payment, please release your voucher code to your buyer immediately. Sellers who don’t honor the terms of gambling voucher sales risk account suspension or may be permanently banned.
  7. You can now withdraw your money from Venmo as cash, keep it in your Venmo balance, or transfer it to your linked debit card or bank account.

Venmo Gambling MatchPay Deposits

  1. At your site’s Cashier page, select the MatchPay deposit option. Note: Not all members will see this option immediately upon joining a legit California casino site. If you don’t see the MatchPay option, you can contact customer service and request access to the service.
  2. A new window will pop up asking you to create a free MatchPay account. The process takes about 2 minutes, and then you’ll be a registered “MatchPay Trader.”
  3. Link your Venmo account to your MatchPay account.
  4. Enter in the amount of money you wish to deposit using MatchPay with Venmo and submit your deposit ticket. MatchPay will automatically pair you with a fellow site member looking to be paid out using the service.
  5. Once a seller is found, you will receive a notification in your Venmo app informing you of the completed transaction. All funds are credited to your betting account instantly and with no added fees.

Venmo Gambling MatchPay Withdrawals

  1. Visit your site Cashier and select the MatchPay withdrawal option. Note: As with deposits, if you don’t see a MatchPay payout option at a participating site, please contact customer service for assistance.
  2. If you’re not already a MatchPay Trader, sign up for the free service and link your Venmo app account to your MatchPay account.
  3. Enter in the amount of money you’d like to withdraw, and MatchPay will automatically pair you with a site member looking to make a deposit using the service.
  4. Once a buyer is found for your requested payout balance, the transaction is completed instantly with no added fees.
  5. You will receive payment directly into your Venmo account, where you can withdraw your money as cash, keep it in your Venmo balance, or transfer it to your linked debit card or bank account.

California Venmo Casino Bonuses

Casino bonus offers for CaliforniaWhile the sites that support Venmo deposits and withdrawals via vouchers and MatchPay are fairly similar and offer generally the same kinds of games and casino markets, they differ in one major way: online CA casino bonuses.

Remember, betting promos are the primary ways that legit online casinos in California differentiate themselves. Each site offers different signup bonuses and re-up bonuses with different playthrough requirements (aka wagering requirements).

However, all the CA betting sits here offer bonuses with fair, attainable terms and conditions, so we generally recommend that players of all skill levels and financial means accept the following promos whenever they’re offered:

  • Online Casino Welcome Bonuses
  • Online Casino Crypto Welcome Bonuses
  • Online Casino Reload Bonuses
  • Online Casino Crypto Reload Bonuses
  • Daily Casino Bonuses
  • Weekly Casino Bonuses
  • Special Event Casino Bonuses
  • Online Casino Refer-A-Friend Bonuses
  • Online Casino No-Deposit Bonuses*
  • + More

Bonus playthrough accrues at different rates for different games. The fastest way to meet your bonus wagering requirement and withdraw your winnings is to play online California slots.

After slots, online CA blackjack and online CA roulette are the next best options. Most sites do not allow their live-dealer casino games to contribute to bonus playthroughs.

*As of 2024, the industry has mostly moved away from free no-deposit casino bonuses. You can still occasionally find these, but they’re very rare. But even when you do find one, they always come with much higher playthrough requirements than other bonuses, so we don’t really recommend them.

Venmo California Casino Limits And Fees

With any online casino payment method, limits and fees are an important consideration. Every payment option – from Visa and Mastercard and bank wire to crypto, P2P, etc. – has unique limits and surcharges to be aware of. With Venmo, transaction limits and associated costs also vary based on whether you use vouchers or MatchPay.

Venmo Voucher Limits

  • Minimum Cash App Voucher Deposit: $10
  • Maximum Cash App Voucher Deposit: $3000-$15,000
  • Minimum Cash App Voucher Payout: $10
  • Maximum Cash App Voucher Payout: $3000-$15,000

Venmo MatchPay Limits

  • Minimum Cash App MatchPay Deposit: $20
  • Maximum Cash App MatchPay Deposit: $1000
  • Minimum Cash App MatchPay Payout: $20
  • Maximum Cash App MatchPay Payout: $1000

The Venmo service itself also has maximum weekly and monthly limits. If you’re a “verified” Venmo user, your limits will be $7000-$60,000 per week. This is more than enough for 99.9% of all online California casino enthusiasts.

Non-verified Venmo users face lower limits of “only” $1500-$5000. This is also more than enough for 99.9% of all online California casino enthusiasts.

Venmo Gambling Fees

Generally speaking, Venmo fees are only charged for certain commercial transactions or when using a linked card that processes as a “cash advance.” If, on the other hand, you’re using the P2P service to make private P2P money transfers, such transactions are free.

And naturally, these “friends and family” private transfers are what you’ll be using whenever you deposit and withdraw using Venmo through the gambling voucher or MatchPay systems.

Additionally, your online CA casino site does not levy any surcharges on voucher/MatchPay transactions. As such, Venmo gambling transactions are effectively fee-free across the board.

Note: If you have any questions about how Venmo assesses fees for the various compatible credit/debit cards that can be linked to the service, contact Venmo customer support at (855) 812-4430.

*Disclaimer: Venmo is a third-party P2P instant-pay and e-Wallet service. Venmo does not endorse this website or any content herein, nor does the company support any real-money online gambling services.