The UCLA Gambling Studies Program is one of the more unique programs at UCLA that works to undergo in-depth projects related to gambling, which helps the gambling community within California and throughout the United States, providing valuable gambling information that is applicable to both California residents and the nation as a whole.

Overall, their studies center around the psychological, biological and social factors that come into play with pathological gambling, including everything from the onset and severity to the treatment of those suffering from these issues. While some of their studies focus solely on specific demographics or cultures, it is safe to say that many of the findings and conclusions can apply to both online and offline gambling situations, and apply to games found at casinos in California or to California online casino games.

For instance, one of their completed projects focused on determining the impact of gambling on the Asian communities within Los Angeles, which they accomplished in collaboration with the Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council.

Their objectives for this project included determining what the effects of gambling on the youth, children, and families of these Asian communities were, as well as coming to an understanding of the differences between certain gambling patterns with the Asian community of Los Angeles in an effort to establish who exactly is at risk of becoming addicted to gambling. Not only that, but this project was also designed to raise awareness within these communities of the dangers associated with problem gambling in the area.

One of their many current projects that might prove useful to California residents once the findings are in is the determination of the exact effectiveness of telephone helplines that pathological gamblers are able to contact. This project will assess whether the helpline that is utilized by the California Council on Problem Gambling is actually as effective as is intended.

The results of the project will be provided to the California Council on Problem Gambling as a means of determining whether those addicted to gambling do better with brief interventions or if the only way to properly treat them is through further intensive treatment.

All residents of California will find that this information and the results from their studies is important not only to residents of California but to all residents of the United States as well. These projects are looked over by a non-profit organization in the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences that resides at UCLA.

They have been doing this since 2005 and their findings will allow residents in California, as well as the regulatory commission and the California Council on Problem Gambling, to use these findings to allow gambling to continue to progress throughout the state, including both online and brick and mortar casino gambling.

We have included a section that lists these types of resources for gamblers in California. It will also allow for more focused treatment programs for residents within California to use if they ever have issues with problem gambling. You can visit their official websites here: http://www.uclagamblingprogram.org/