Casinos in California - A Look at California's Brick and Mortar Casino Options

It is here that you can find relevant information about brick and mortar casinos that are located in California. Certain types of gambling became legal in the state of California during different periods of the state's history. As of this moment, the only illegal type of gambling within the state is that of traditional craps that are played with dice.

Poker has never been made legal, but it has also never been illegal and has been around since the inception of the state itself in 1850. You can learn more about the legal status of casinos in California by visiting our section that covers California Gambling Laws. The following information provides some direction for players seeking high quality brick and mortar casino gambling in California. For your convenience, we have also listed the top California online casinos as well should you decide to check those options out as well.

Top Online California Casino Sites

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Bovada Casino100% Up To $30004.7/5
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Slots.lv100% Up To $50004.6/5
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Cafe Casino350% Up To $25004.4/5
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Ignition Casino100% Up To $10004.3/5
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Casino Max325% Up To $97504.1/5
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Casino Hotels and Resorts in California

Throughout the state of California, there are a myriad of world class resort casino hotels that combine the comfort and sophistication of luxury hotels with the excitement of casino gambling in a single destination. These casino hotels and resorts provide their guests with direct access to the many different types of casino games on the show-floor after they have purchased a room, making California one of the premier destinations for travelers that enjoy gambling.

Of course you don't have to stay overnight to enjoy their games, they welcome all players of legal age, no matter where they are sleeping. Some of the more popular resort casino hotels in California include:

the Pechenga Resort and Casino

the Morongo Casino Resort

the Thunder Valley Casino Resort

the Harrah's Resort Southern California

There are actually a large number of quality casino resorts in the state, far too many to list here, but these popular destinations will give you a good idea of the standard of excellence that these casinos offer.

California's Status in the USA Gambling Industry

Outside of Nevada, California is one of the largest states in the United States in terms of revenue earned from the gambling industry and has retained this ranking for a long time due primarily to the large number of brick and mortar casinos located within the state. In fact, there are well over 100 different casinos in the state, with around 50 being comprised of poker rooms and close to 60 Indian casinos in California, as well as 15 of those being Indian casino resorts.

Throughout all of these casinos, there is a total of just under 64,000 slot machines. Due to the many different laws regarding gambling in California, the 50 poker casinos consist primarily of card games, as their classification keeps them from including any slots or games that feature players betting against the house. Instead, this is covered entirely through player vs. player transactions.

The plethora of Indian casinos in the state can be found throughout California, specifically on tribal lands. Both card rooms and Indian casinos have been licensed by the California Gambling Control Commission, which is the governing body responsible for regulatory oversight and for enforcing compliance with California's gambling laws. As there are hundreds of card rooms and Indian casinos offered throughout the state, all California residents should find that the variety of different casino options is quite satisfactory.