Gambling Resources for California Residents

We are dedicated to providing valuable information to casino gamblers in California in order to assist with information gathering and for dealing with any gambling concerns or problems that may arise. The information on this page highlights various resources that the state of California offers players through state-based and private organizations and services.

Some of these services are for informational purposes, while others provide support to players struggling with concerns regarding problem gambling or gambling addiction, or any type of gambling-related questions or issues that they need assistance with. Though most of the information from these resources focus on land-based gambling, the support, information, and assistance that is available can also apply to online California casino gambling.

Gambling Addiction Treatment and Support Resources

Addiction to gambling can emerge in practically anyone. Thankfully, there is a wealth of treatment and support options for residents in California should they start to show signs of gambling addiction or other types of gambling problems. The following is a brief list of all of the resources that may prove useful to California gamblers who require support or assistance, as well as the descriptions of each.

  • NODS-SA - This resource is administered by the California Council on Problem Gambling and allows you to answer a few self-assessment questions that will allow you to ascertain whether or not you could be facing any issues concerning gambling addiction.
  • 24 Hour Helpline - This resource is also administered by the California Council on Problem Gambling, and provides you with access to a 24/7 gambling addiction helpline if you're ever in need of talking to counselors and assistants that will help you with your gambling issues.
  • Certified Gambling Counselors and Therapists - These counseling options will provide you with both inpatient and outpatient treatment options that will come in handy for California residents who have been addicted to gambling and would like to seek recovery and support.
  • Gambler's Anonymous - Gambler's Anonymous is a place where anyone that is recovering from gambling addiction can go to for access to free services and to receive therapy and a 12-step program that is successful in preventing relapsing into previous addiction situations.

California Gambling Control Commission

The California Gambling Control Commission is a governing body within California that acts as a regulatory commission overall gambling within the state. You can visit their website here: Specifically, they regulate all gambling establishments, both casinos and cardrooms, any third party providers of what are known as Propositions Players Services and all Tribal Casinos within the state.

Not only do they establish the regulations by which each of these entities will abide by, but they also set policy, issue gambling licenses, administer gaming revenues to the Indian Tribes that own the many Indian casinos throughout the state and determine who is suitable to be an employee within one of these gaming establishments.

Throughout all of this, they are there to ensure that all residents of California receive fair gaming. You can learn more about this agency on our page that specifically discusses the California Gambling Control Commission and its role in the industry.

Other Valuable Resources for California Gamblers

There are also some other valuable resources that may prove useful to residents of California. For instance, you can go to the California Council on Problem Gambling if you want some additional information on how to gamble responsibly. The BGC Standard Game List will provide anyone interested with a look at all of the casino games in brick and mortar casinos in California that are regulated throughout the state of California. 500 Nations also provides users with a full and complete list of all of the Indian casinos in California, including their names, addresses and phone numbers, which should prove useful.